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Sealing and Fabrication

Extensive Sealing Capabilities and Calibration Options Allow Flexibility in Product Design

Sealing and FabricationUtilizing a variety of materials, including several types of glass, glass-to-metal seals, and ceramics, Andrews Glass Company's skilled artisans perform specialized operations such as sealing faceplates or metal rings to a variety of fabricated vacuum tubes for use in electron envelopes. Using direct or graded seals, we produce components that are used in lasers, infrared systems, semiconductors, and photomultipliers.

The ability to calibrate glassware to within ± .0001 mL and mark the calibrations by acid etching, silkscreening, or ceramic fired decals increases our ability to meet special product design specifications. Our flow tube calibration laboratory allows us to certify/recertify any industry standard flow tubes and provide NIST traceable calibration certificates.