Over seven decades of experience in precision glass fabrication has uniquely positioned Andrews Glass to meet the increased demand for stricter tolerances and tighter control of processes and product quality. The skill of the finest glass artisans assures the best quality and service from prototype to mass production of specialty glass products. Majority of our products are custom produced to OEM specifications. The wide range of glass components Andrews Glass produces can be found in a variety of industries and applications.

Scientific / Analytical / Industrial Instruments:

  • HeNe Lasers (Position alignment)

  • CO2 Discharge tubes (Precision Laser cutting)

  • Flash lamp envelopes (In-line process inspection)

  • X-ray tubes (Fluoroscopy, Spectroscopy)

  • Photo Ionization Detectors (Homeland and Personal Safety)

University / Research:

  • Laboratory Glassware / Repairs

  • Filtration-ware

  • Pressure Reaction Vessels

  • MIDI Distillation Systems (Ammonia / phenol, Cyanide / Sulfide distillation)

  • Volumetric Flasks

  • Burets

Medical / Pharmaceutical:

  • High recovery vials (Lab testing)

  • USP compliant Dissolution Vessels (Pharma testing)

  • Tissue Cells (Pharma testing)

  • Syringe barrels

  • Pressure reaction vessels (Pharma lab-scale production)

  • Glass-ball valves (Pharma production)

  • Specialty glass tubes (Nuclear medicine storage)

  • Flow meter tubes (Gas monitoring in hospitals)

  • Latex forming molds (Gloves, condoms)

  • Excimer, Gas flow lasers, Nd / YAG Lasers (Surgery)

  • Photoionization Detectors (X-ray, CT Scanners)


  • Water testing vials (Municipalities)

  • Filtration Ware (Analysis of bacterial or viral contamination or suspended solids in water)

  • Photoionization Detector (Soil contamination / poisonous gas detection)

  • MIDI Distillation Systems (Cyanide contamination detection)

  • Glass-ball valves (Sight glass for fluid flow observation)

  • Flow Meter Tubes (Water treatment generators)

Aerospace / Defense:

  • Photoionization Detector (Homeland security for detecting contamination)

  • Laser tubes (Fiber optic couplings for sea floor)

  • Photomultipliers (NOAA satellites)

  • Glass to metal envelopes (Relay switches)

Energy / Exploration:

  • Photoionization Detector (Oil / gas detection)

  • Glass to Metal components (Electronic generators for analysis during drilling)

  • Glass Components (Battery / Solar / Sonar)

  • Solar Tubes

Lighting / Consumer Goods

  • Custom Designed Lighting Fixtures

  • Candles Holders

  • Glass Trophies

  • Cups and Mugs

  • Many more…