Ammonia/Phenol Distillation

The Lab-Crest® Midi-Dist™ System for Ammonias and Phenols Enables You to Meet EPA Targets for Reducing Waste When Conducting Environmental Analysis.

With the Midi-Dist, you can safely and confidently downscale EPA Method 350.1 for ammonias and EPA method 420.4 for phenols. By replacing cumbersome macro apparatus with a compact, complete midi-distillation system, you can reduce the amount of space needed by 80% and the sample size by 90%. The smaller sample size also cuts the time for mixing, storing, handling, and disposing of reagents by 90%, while still providing accurate, reliable results. The reduced volume, precise heating control, and integrated cooling manifold, along with specially designed glassware, dramatically decreases the time needed for setup, distillation, and cleanup. The system allows you to complete four distillation cycles per shift.

Distillation Apparatus Component Descriptions

  • 90% Reduction in Sample Size
  • Requires you to collect, hold, and process less sample
  • 90% Reduction in Reagents Used
  • Reduces problems with mixing, storing, handling, and disposing of reagent
  • 80% Reduction in Space Required
  • Allows efficient use of limited bench space
  • Up to 50% Reduction in Distillation Time
  • Enables completion of four distillation cycles per shift

The Lab-Crest Midi-Dist is suitable for determination of ammonia or phenol in drinking water, ground water, surface water, saline water, domestic waste water, and industrial water. The ability to do ten setups in a single heat block gives you total flexibility and greater efficiency. You can distill one sample or ten as needed, and you can do ammonias or phenols separately or both at once. The system has an extremely small footprint and is completely portable.

The Midi-Dist System features:

    • Ammonia-0.01to 2.0 mg/L
    • Phenol-2.0 to 500.0 µg/L
    • Completely Portable-Case weight is only 18 pounds
    • Distill Up to 10 Samples at Once-Analyze either phenol or ammonia or do both at once.
    • Easy to Handle Glassware-System includes vessels for phenols and ammonias. Replacement glassware is available as needed.

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