Glass Ball Valves

Lab Crest Compact Full Port Glass Ball Valves Resist Corrosive Chemicals, Avoid Contamination, and Allow Easy Observations of Fluid Flow

The Lab-Crest Glass Ball Valve is a unique flanged type shut-off valve with all “wetted” parts made of high-quality borosilicate glass, ceramic alumina and Teflon. The valves rugged construction makes it ideally suited for use in applications involving corrosive chemicals, both liquids and gases. Its contamination resistant glass surfaces work extremely well in pharmaceutical and food processing, where avoiding product contamination is a major concern. The transparent quality of the glass provides full visibility and allows the valve to serve as a “Sight” glass in any process requiring observation of the fluid flow.

Design Features

  • Standard port
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Wetted parts inert to most chemicals
  • Long life
  • Noncontaminant glass surfaces
  • Quarter-turn operation
  • TFE seat for positive sealing
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Serves as sight glass
  • Carbon steel flanges
  • Stock sizes 1” to 2”

Engineering Specifications

  • Ball & Body: Chemically resistant, low alkali borosilicate glass
  • Flanges: Carbon steel
  • Valve Stem: Chemically resistant 97% fused alumina
  • Seat Rings, Flange Gaskets, Stem Seals and Stem Seats: TFE
  • Connections: Built-in TFE envelop gaskets allow direct mating to flanges in 150 lb. ASA metal or flanged glass piping systems


Service Pressure-Temperature Ratings for Glass Ball Valves

Valve Size (inches) Liquid Pressure Ratings
-40F to 212F At 350F
1 115 PSIG 75 PSIG
2 70 PSIG 46 PSIG


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