Pressure Reaction Vessels

Lab-Crest® Glass Pressure Reaction Vessels Offer Outstanding Value in Research & Industrial Labs

Visual observation of a pressurized system is one of the major advantages of Lab-Crest® glass pressure reaction vessels (also known as Fischer-Porter bottles). Chemically inert borosilicate glass construction allows you to accurately and safely observe:

  • Solubility of gases in liquids at increased pressures.
  • Chemical behavior of liquids and gases subjected to temperature and pressure changes.
  • Effect of liquids on metals.
  • Purity of propellant batches.
  • Spray and pressure characteristics.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Hydrogenation
  • Polymerization
  • Catalysis
  • Isomerization

Pressure Reaction Vessel Support Information

Typical Assembly

Multiport Nomenclature

#DescriptionQtyPart #
1Manifold Block1443V639U01
2Bearing Sleeve1443V640U01
3Seal Spacer Ring1443V634U01
4Bearing Inner Sleeve1443V635U01
5Seal Retainer Sleeve1443V637U01
6Manifold Gap1443V638U01
9Holder Shaft1443V631U01
10Blade (Sold individually)2443V636U01
11Ball Bearing (Sold individually)2103C043U19
12Retaining Ring1106D055U10
13“O” Ring Seal1101W902U01
14Spring Seal (Sold individually)2102E083U01
15Roll Pin (Sold individually)2107A018U01
16Hex Soc Set SCR (Sold individually)2023G004T10
17Insert — Collar1441A003P30
18Adaptor — Nut1441A005T30
19Aerosol Bottle (12oz.)1443T006U02


VesselVolumes to NeckPressure Rating*Height of BottleWidth of Bottle
3 oz. (test tube)85mL225 psig8″1 5/16″
6 oz. flat bottom225mL100 psig6 1/8″2 1/2″
12 oz. flat bottom468mL75 psig7 3/8″3″
3 oz. footed113mL225 psig5.3″2″
6 oz. footed190mL100 psig5.6″2 1/2″
12 oz. footed400mL75 psig10.38″2.29″
*Pressure rating will degrade at the rate of .25 psig per degree F rise above ambient.

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