The system is comprised of four complete borosilicate glass units and a 4 position aluminum heat block and apparatus holder, coated with PTFE for corrosion resistance. Glassware, heater, water and vacuum manifolds, controls, and connections are integrated into a single, compact system. Capacity – up to four 50 mL liquid or sludge samples Heater – 110 volts; 300 watts; automatically holds 125°C temperature; high temperature protection switch and fuse to protect system and operator. 220 volt model also available Cooling Circulation – integrated water manifold circulation system with flowmeter to 60 gph Footprint – 15″ front panel x 10″ side panel Net Weight – 13 lbs., completely assembled Vacuum – 4 position vacuum manifold with 4 PTFE needle valves for individual adjustment Tubing/Connections – 4 sets of precut 1/4″ polypropylene tubing, with quick disconnect/shutoff fittings for uninterrupted installation and removal of glassware