Photo-ionization Detection (PID)

The Pioneers of PID™

Combining extensive glass fabrication capabilities with proprietary processes, we are pioneers in the development of lamps for photoionization detection (PID). The PID lamp was originally developed for use by NASA in calibrating space experiment. Glow discharge lamps were available in the VUV but they were unstable and highly unreliable. The company has gained international recognition for developing the first stable, long-lived glow discharge lamp functioning in the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV). This lamp proved to be a more sensitive alternative to flame ionization, as the energy source for ionizing the effluent from a gas chromatograph (GC).

We manufacture the world’s most efficient Photoionization Detection (PID) lamp products. Our quality is backed by the most comprehensive warranty offered by any lamp manufacturer and we stand ready to help you or your customers. We have a complete selection of superior quality lamps from which to choose including our most popular 108-10.0/10.6 model. Not long ago, we introduced the BTEX lamp, a high output lamp with the stability of our original 108-10.0/10.6 lamps. We invite you to review our entire Photoionization lamp suite…from the Pioneers of PID…