ROBU® Filter Discs

ROBU® Filter Discs

Add Efficiency to Your Filtration System . . . With ROBU® High Quality Borosilicate Glass Filters from Andrews Glass

For over 60 years, Andrews Glass has been supplying specialty, precision, and electro-optic glass products to scientists, engineers, and manufacturers in industry, education, and government.

Now, we can also deliver high quality ROBU borosilicate glass filters as easily and quickly as any other product. ROBU filter products are superior to any other manufacturers. Made with a proprietary, "Hard-Sintering" process by skilled technicians, ROBU specializes in producing the world's best borosilicate glass filters. As the U.S. distributor of ROBU filters, we can eliminate any language, currency, or duty problems you may have experienced in the past. In addition to providing a domestic source for the ROBU product line, Andrews can supply the experience and know-how of expert glassblowers to answer your questions and help you with your special requirements.

ROBU Glass Filters are Highly Flexible and Useful for Virtually all Applications

The increasing demands for filtration and separation by the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and environmental industries have created the need for high quality filters that can provide exact repeatability and durability. By working closely with customers, ROBU has developed a highly flexible line of filters to meet virtually all application needs.

ROBU Glass Filters offer several features that make them excellent additions to most filtration/separation systems.

  • 3.3 Borosilicate Glass
  • Chemically Resistant (Acids, Alkalis, etc.)
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength ("hard-sinter" technology)
  • High Temperature Resistance (can be used up to 540 degrees C)
  • Large Surface areas and Consistent Pore Sizes (from 1 micron to 500 microns available for ISO and ASTM specifications)

High Quality Glass Filters Offer Exact Repeatability and Long Life for Demanding Filtration and Separation Processes

General Information

ROBU porous filter discs, also known as sintered or fritted discs, are high quality filters that can be easily incorporated into your filtration and separation systems. Made exclusively of borosilicate 3.3 glass, through a special milling and sintering process, ROBU filters contain no foreign substances. Because our filters are 100% glass, they can be fused to the glass part of a filter apparatus for almost any application.

ROBU fritted filters have been proven effective in industry and laboratories for filtration, washing processes, cleaning of gases, extraction, diffusion, and dispersion.

ROBU offers a range of porosities, which enables you to choose the right filter for each application so you can obtain the best possible results. Precipitates of varying sizes can be filtered at maximum speed with no sacrifice of retention.

Product Information

Standard fritted discs are available:

  • Round, from 5 mm to 120 mm diameter
  • Unground or ground on both sides
  • Ground on both sides with a fused edge
  • For filter candles in cylindrical or conical shapes from 9 mm to 40 mm diameter
  • For all filter apparatus and absorbers
  • ROBU glass filters are are available in the widest range of porosities available. Click here for a chart showing both ISO and ASTM porosities and applications. No matter your filtration, extraction or separation needs, ROBU has the best product for you.

Custom made ROBU filters:

  • Any shape up to 400 mm in almost any thickness
  • All custom made discs are available unground, ground on both sides and with fused edges
  • Any cylindrical or conical filter candle of your own design